It's the small details that are vital.
The little things make great things happen.

Our experts are happy to suggest tailor-made solutions for your wedding.
From the best location for your needs, to the most suitable mise en place. From the selection of the menu, to the choice of wedding cake that will excite you and your guests.

We also thought about how to make you relax the days before the wedding, with SPA Excelsior paths to do as a couple, alone or with friends.
If you choose the Hotel Excelsior for the reception of your wedding, we will have the pleasure of giving you the Sea View Suite for your wedding night.

If you also think that the wedding should be unique, up to the expectations of the spouses and relatives, the staff of the Hotel Excelsior will be able to help you.

We are pleased to invite all couples to visit the location and to contact us for further information at+39 0721 630011or at



Indoor/outdoor Catering & banqueting

Think of an important event, where you must show style, elegance, tranquility and great attention to the guests.
You can organise this when, where and as you wish, under the supervision of the Excelsior team.

’59 Restaurant in Pesaro offers the following services at your own home for events, celebrations, parties and receptions.

  • Catering & Banqueting for outdoors (gardens, parks, around the pool);
  • Catering & Banqueting for indoors (halls, apartments, historical homes and villas);
  • Transport and setting up with pre-prepared Food & Beverages;
  • Home Cooking: with chef in attendance, equipment and waiters.



Choosing the location for your wedding is an important step, so we have thought of different solutions to suggest you according to your needs.

  • We can set up the spacious banqueting area for you, where you will be brining yourself to the future with your guests.
  • We can put at your disposal the '59 Restaurant and the Bistro.
  • We can offer you the area of ​​the '59 Restaurant Lido, where the rays of the sun will illuminate the radiant faces of the Spouses.
  • We can also offer you the Excelsior quality in the enchanting setting of the San Bartolo Natural Park - a promontory overlooking the Adriatic Sea - a few kilometers from the city of Pesaro, where the Hotel Excelsior staff will conduct an impeccable catering service at the Fattoria Mancini.

The '59 Restaurant, for all your big occasions - from baptism to confirmation, from graduation to birthday - also offers home catering services:

  • outdoor catering and banqueting (gardens, parks, poolside)
  • catering and banqueting for interiors (halls, apartments, villas and historic houses)
  • transport and preparation with Food & Beverage
  • Home cooking with Chef, equipment and waiters



Do you already have an idea in mind, a theme for setting up your wedding?
Would you like to have an original wedding, with a nice tableau de mariage, but you still do not know how to make it?
Would you like symbols that enrich the mise en place of your reception in a particular way?

The staff of the Hotel Excelsior will be happy to advise you and help you find the Fil Rouge of your wedding, which guides the visual organization of the tables, the tableau de mariage, the menu and, of course, the wedding cake.