Born in Palermo in 1974, he grew up in the kitchen of the famous Syracusan restaurateur of his father where he started his professional career as a chef. Angelo then began to look towards new horizons with the spirit of searching for the best between the typical Sicilian products and recipes.

He worked for several years in a very important catering company wandering around palaces and noble villas. He leaves catering in 2008 and turns his Sicily, expanding his gastronomic experience and working at restaurants to show his revisited Mediterranean cuisine. In 2010 he started a new business collaborating with several hotel companies, transferring with professionalism what had long been able to appreciate the Sicilian cuisine and more. He is able to get different consents and food and wine reviews of various specialized publications that define him one of the most Sicilian chefs.

Various participations in national food and wine events allow him to enhance the products of the Sicilian territory.

Among his latest experiences we must mention the participation, with the Sicilian cuisine revisited, at the event "AbbiateGusto 2013" in the famous Convento dell'Annunciata which in the past was the stage of the most important cooks of national catering including Gualtiero Marchesi, Carlo Cracco.

Another passion cultivated by Angelo has always been the search in the regional territory of ancient grains and traditions, up to the discovery of the real recipe of the Russello bread, wheat that was produced before the Second World War in the territory where it lives today. From this discovery and continuous processing, in 2014 he managed to identify with the help of the famous miller Filippo Drago how to bring to the table a new composition of bread with mother yeast. In 2015 Angelo proposes himself among the protagonists in Avola, in the province of Syracuse, in the "Sorriso siculo" event, presenting his arancine of sea and land and receiving several certificates of esteem from Angelo Manna, known producer of Sicilian rice.

From March 2017 to today, Angelo presents his dishes in the "Il Giardino degli Ulivi" restaurant of the Grand Hotel San Pietro in Taormina, five-star luxury, managed by Lindbergh Hotels.



A composite ensemble, comprised  of attentive and knowledgeable professionals, ready to support the chef in each  phase of the creative process. Each team member is assigned a precise role to play: everyone is necessary, because each one is part of the complex  mechanism that moves everything in the kitchen.

Only together you create, building a team, and together you arrange all the work phases under the chef guidance, who supervises the process and coordiantes each step.