The art of good cooking always starts from the details: from the choice of the most genuine and tasty ingredients, to the meticulous preparation of the dishes; from the presentation in the serving dish, to the right combination with the wine to be recommended to our customer.



"When small culinary secrets become pleasures to your senses. Pleasure lies in the awareness of details and this is also true in gastronomy. The combination of swetness and sharpness while sipping  some fine wine might become poetry with starters. It takes  an instant. It's the same with the thrilling contrast between the coolness of fresh mint leaves and the warmth of salmon pulp. Succession of pleasurable details until the moment of desserts arrives: creamy textures, fresh fruit pulp delicacies endless senses' pleasures.

At the '59, the selection of genuine authenticities lies at the base of every dish preparation. Next, every step towars the final result of dish presentation takes its time and effort: details are passionately observed at every phase of cooking procedures. These are the secrets that form part of our everyday life at the '59.

Pleasure lies in the awareness of details also when sitting at table here".

























Fish tasing menu 




The innovation of the sea salad
Ingr: squid, white shrimp, ink squid, caper, tomato, celery, carrot, red onion, basil

Playing with the king prawn
Ingr: king prawn, tomato extract, sprouts, American purple potato, red onion, reduction of grape must, salmon roe, lemon, orange, salt, extra virgin olive oil, pepper



Tortelli among land and sea

Ingr: homemada pasta, egg yolk, flour, cream, parmesan, ricotta goat cheese, sea urchin, red shrimp bisque, basil pesto sauce, pine nuts, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, onion, garlic



Marinated redfidh with thyme

Ingr: redfish, shellfish reduction, baby carrot, onion, lemon, basil, beetroot, orange, salt, extra virgin olive oil, pepper



Oranged crème brûlée with persimmon sorbet

Selection of homemade pastry

€ 65,00