The '59 Restaurant and the Bistrò Excelsior in Pesaro
they are waiting for you to taste the best of the Marche gastronomy.

The art of good cooking always starts from the details: from the choice of the most genuine and tasty ingredients, to the meticulous preparation of the dishes; from the presentation in the serving dish, to the right combination with the wine to be recommended to our customer.


'59 Restaurant

’59 Restaurant: is not the usual Restaurant, but rather a refined home with ’50’s charm and glamour, open to guests. In Pesaro, on the seafront.

60 settings, large and comfortable seats, large tables, soft lighting where creative chefs highlight the fresh taste of the sea and the land of Marche in tasty traditional dishes while qualified sommeliers interpret the tastes of discerning clients by recommending excellent wines.

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Bistrò Excelsior

Bistrò Excelsior will allow you to discover the pleasure of tasting fresh pastries in the perfect location for any occasion: business lunches, with friends or simply to savour fully those moments of relaxation with a Sunday or holiday brunch.

The Bistrò demonstrates particular attention to cocktail and snack culture organizing the “Sunday Live”, where your tasting will be accompanied by music selected.

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The specialties of the '59 Restaurant and Bistro

’59 Restaurant proposes a new seasonal menu with many summer specialities. You will have the pleasure of trying the tasting menus in the restaurant in Pesaro.

In summer months ’59 Restaurant moves to Lido and offers a light, fresh menu with the pleasure of dining while enjoying the light sea breeze on the seafront in Marche.

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Wedding & Catering

Romantic, unique, exciting: this is our idea of a dream wedding.

Our experts are happy to suggest tailor-made solutions for your wedding. From the best location for your needs, to the most suitable mise en place. From the selection of the menu, to the choice of wedding cake that will excite you and your guests.

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